Hirefire is a tool to automatically scale heroku's dynos depending on their load.


By default, Heroku only provides a system for "vertical scaling" (i.e. upgrading machines). But, they don't offer any system to add more machines when the load is getting bigger.
So, that's what Hirefire does.

Getting started

To use Hirefire, just get into their platform:
Follow the configuration guidelines for the platform:
Guides - HireFire Knowledge Base
After that, you'll be able to defines rules on how to scale dynos depending on some configuration rules.

Example: Sidekiq worker

One common use case is to scale the number of sidekiq queue workers depending on the number of jobs waiting in that queue.
In that case, just configure the scaling:
  • minimum number of workers
  • maximum number
  • minimum dyno quantity
  • maximum dyno quantity
And, you're done!